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Survey and Research

We have been entrusted with basic survey, analysis, model development and proposal for problem solution.

Survey and Research Contents


We have been entrusted with Survey and Research as follows:

  • Survey of Transport Planning
  • Survey of Road Network plans
    Railroad Planning
    Demand Projection
    Traffic Flow Simulation

  • Regional Planning Survey
  • Regional Development Planning
    Enterprise Location Planning
    Land Utilization Planning
    Commerce Planning
    Market Area Projection
    Economic Effect Analysis

  • Airport and Harbor Planning and Survey
  • Air Traffic Control Survey Economic Effect
    Flight Simulation
    ATC Controller Support System
    Harbor Area Traffic
    Marine Navigation Simulation

  • Logistics Survey
  • Transport Planning
    Physical Distribution Base Disposition Planning
    Cooperative Transport Planning

  • New Energy Introduction Survey
  • New Energy Feasibility
    New Energy Introduction Planning
    New Energy Utilization Project
    New Energy Technological Trend


    Case Examples

  • Road Traffic Demand Projection Survey
  • Expressway Tollgate Operation Micro Simulation Analysis
  • Census-based Traffic Demand Distribution Stochastics
  • Railroad Demand Projection Survey
  • Railway Traffic Micro Simulation Survey
  • Survey of Traffic Demand Management Measures effect
  • Community Bus Load Factor Field Survey
  • Survey of Support Systems for Air Traffic Control Operations with Knowledge Processing Technology
  • Prototyping of Evaluation System of Knowledge Processing Function for Air Traffic Control and its Evaluation
  • Support of Air Traffic Control High Speed Simulator
  • Port & Harbor Road and Atmospheric Projection Survey
  • Marine Navigation Simulation
  • Customer Satisfaction level Survey for Hotels
  • Regional Development Planning Survey
  • Regional New Energy Vision Establishment Survey
  • Regional New Energy Vision Establishment (Priority Theme) Survey